Community Partners

Encourages and supports students to further education beyond high school by providing scholarships and other support.

Connects local business leaders with the participating schools

Lends expertise in STEM professional development including the STEM Fellows

Offers technical assistance and training programs in education for teachers to help them deliver entrepreneurship programs to youth.

Provides developmentally appropriate programming around issues of social relationships for and students.

Provides leadership training for partner schools.

Provides students with cultural and educational information related to the Appalachian

Has a strong track record of helping students from all backgrounds succeed and their goal of attending college.

Partners with Rutherford County Schools to students to attend higher education.

The Center for Entrepreneurship at Appalachian State provides a full array of resources to help support student ideas grow.

Specializes in providing youth with the tools they need to reach their potential discover their place in our community and in our world.

YES' mission is to level the educational playing field for promising children in underserved leadership for a brighter America