Storytelling Saturday Sessions

A well-told story is worth its weight in gold, and this year GEAR UP students learned how to find the magic behind the veil.

Appalachian GEAR UP students from Graham and Swain counties have spent time throughout the year participating in a series of Saturday Storytelling Sessions,  a hands-on experience in story development and storytelling through the medium of film. Each Saturday session allows students to write, record, edit, and produce a unique film project while also learning about career opportunities in the film industry.  

Student film projects include a compelling period piece about a coming-of-age orphan in a war-torn town having to choose between right and wrong; a comedy about an alien on the loose in a hotel full of connected strangers and passers-by; and a mystery featuring a seemingly good Samaritan and his peculiar hitchhiker companion.

Completed student film projects can be viewed here.

The sessions will culminate in a multi-day summer camp intensive session on the campus of Appalachian State University later this summer.

Click here to watch the instructor, Joe Holt, talk about the program.

GEAR UP Appstate and Swain County partner
Published: May 21, 2019 11:23pm