Promising Practice: Lunch and Learns

High school students in Burke County are learning while they lunch.  

High school students in Burke County are learning while they lunch. For the past three years, Appalachian GEAR UP has hosted monthly Lunch & Learn sessions in high schools in Burke County. Students at Freedom, Draugh, Patton, and East Burke High School are invited to participate in monthly 20-minute college presentations during their lunch blocks. They bring their lunches into reserved classroom spaces while representatives from nearby colleges, universities, or other postsecondary institutions give presentations, distribute swag, and answer questions students may have about college.

Mandie Pennell, GEAR UP Coordinator in Burke County says, “These Lunch & Learns have helped pique curiosity about schools and gotten students on summer campus tours as well. It provides a safe space for students to ask real questions and not be embarrassed. Students seem to especially respond to current college students who previously went to their high school.” Each Lunch & Learn event averages about 30 students, and anywhere from 15 to 80 students attend depending on the featured school or presentation topic.

“Lunch & Learns with GEAR UP have helped expand my thoughts about college, opened doors to great insight regarding postsecondary opportunities, and allowed me to comprehend what it takes to reach my future college goals” says Patton High 11th grade student Brenda Palacios Rodriguez.

Patton High 10th grade student, Laci Holsclaw remarks, "I like Lunch & Learns because they open up opportunities and show you more things you could look into!"

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GEAR UP Appstate and Burke Lunch and Learn
Published: May 20, 2019 12:36pm