College Ready Skills


  • Ensure that ALL students and families have the opportunity to have exposure through college visits.
  • Expose students, their families, and educators to the sincere belief that ALL students can go to college and that with planning you can find the right fit/match.
  • Emphasize the need for students to be prepared with a rigorous academic curriculum in secondary school.
  • Prepare ALL students and their families as early as 6th grade with family-focused college planning, college match, and financial aid knowledge.
  • Ensure that the family-focused services empower families as leaders in their community to share knowledge.
  • Express to ALL students and families the "Act" college readiness skills needed to be successful as a middle, high school, and postsecondary student and career professional, including:
    • Ownership of learning: goal setting, persistence, motivation, help-seeking
    • Learning techniques: time management, test-taking skills, collaborative learning
    • Leadership
    • Entrepreneurial education

Measurable Performance Indicators

  • By 9th grade, students and families will report increased knowledge of postsecondary education, options, preparation, and financing.
  • Increase percentage of middle school students with knowledge of the high school coursework required for college.
  • Increase percentage of 7th grade students who create an account with the College Foundation of NC (
  • Increase percentage of teachers reporting that all students are capable of attending college.
  • Increase percentage of students who aspire to at least a 2- or 4-year degree.
  • By 11th grade, students will report increased knowledge of how to finance college.
  • Increase knowledge of benefits of attending college.
  • Increase knowledge of how to apply to college.